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(That said -- let me know if something doesn't work so I can fix it.)

This is a small dialog based program that will convert BRIS/TSN multi-card data files to Single Card data files.


1) Click here to download the Zipped program.

2) Unzip the file to get the "multitosingle.exe" program.

3) Run the mult2single.exe program.

When you run the program a dialog will appear.

A) Select an Input folder. This is a folder with UNZIPPED BRIS or TSN multi-file data cards in it.  Note, you can use a tool such as WinZip to unzip many files at once -- you don't have to do unzip them one at a time if your files are zipped.

B) Select an output folder. This folder has to be different from the input folder.

C) Hit the go button. The multi files will be used to generate single files.  Note -- the multi files will NOT be deleted. A report is generated.



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