Race Simulations


Race Simulations
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EquiSim has the ability to run accurate race simulations using data for upcoming races and depict them in 3D on your computer screen.  While EquiSim picks its fair share of winners, one of the major purposes of the simulation tool is to allow you to see how the race will setup. Will there be a torrid pace, or will a lone speedster get loose on the lead and wire the field?  To some extent, nearly every horse player "imagines" the way a race will setup.  EquiSim's unique race simulations help you in this process by literally showing you who will be on the lead, who has the best close in the race, and the general shape the race will take.  As for picking winners, EquiSim uses a very elaborate algorithm that takes into account such things as likely lane position on turns as well as the horse's running style and other data derived from past performances.  With this unique modeling approach, EquiSim holds its own on picking winners alone, even producing some tremendous long shot winners that ran "just like in the simulation."

Using the simulation tool is as simple as clicking a button.  EquiSim sets up each simulation automatically. But, it also gives you the power to customize each race down to each horse's performance in any portion of the race.  Customizing a race is as simple as using your mouse to select which past performance to use in the simulation or adjusting a runner to have an enhanced kick at the end of the race.  A built in "pace bias" feature lets you adjust the performance of the simulations for when you know the track is favoring one type of runner over another.  EquiSim now allows you to customize the track dimensions of its model track to give you that much more control and accuracy.  And when you don't have time to watch every race, EquiSim lets you run simulations for all of the races almost instantaneously with a click of a button.

EquiSim's Selections Performance Analysis Tool (SPAT) ties right into the Simulations. Through database technology, the SPAT will tell you where EquiSim's simulations are performing well and where they are not. This eliminates the guesswork and any "false claims" about how well the software works -- the ability to track how well the simulations perform at "picking winners" is built right into the program!

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