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Single User License for EquiSim grants you the following things:

Access to any updates to the version you purchased.
Discounts on future versions of EquiSim.
User's Guide (digital version)

EquiSim ROI Version 6.0 is delivered via DOWNLOAD only. You will receive the licensed version of the program. Note that there are user created "Formula View Templates" that are also available for download via the ThoroTech forums.

Ordering Information for EquiSim ROI Version 6.0

EquiSim ROI Ordering Links and Information

POSTAL ORDERS:   SAVE 10% when you purchase with Check Or Money Order (no credit cards). We'll pass along the cost of our credit card processing service as savings to you! Just e-mail thorotech@gmail.com for address and payment instructions and you'll save an additional 18$ off the current price! 

Price: 179$ (- 10%) = 161$

Credit Card Orders: If you would like to purchase EquiSim online please send payment to us via PayPal (www.paypal.com) to THOROTECH@GMAIL.COM. 

Price:  179$

DB Direct Ordering Information

DB Direct is the feature in EquiSim that allows you to export data directly from EquiSim's Formula View to a variety of database platforms, enabling you to build custom horse racing databases to fit your needs.  As with purchases of EquiSim, a discount is given for purchases with check or money order. You need to purchase EquiSim ROI, version 5 or above in order to use this feature.

DB Direct Ordering Links and Information

POSTAL ORDERS:  E-Mail thorotech@gmail.com for mailing info. Price: $180 (Save 10% over credit card purchases)
Credit Card Orders: Click here to purchase DB Direct Activation On-Line (Credit Card) at PAYPAL(www.paypal.com). Price $200


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