Jet Database


In order to make use of EquiSim's database capabilities you will need to have the version of the Microsoft Jet Database that EquiSim uses installed on your computer.  This is a free component.

Many people already have the Jet Database Engine installed on their computers. For this reason, the database is not part of the EquiSim installation package.

EquiSim will tell you if you need to install Jet when you attempt to connect to an EquiSim Profiler database. You do not need to download the database engine unless this occurs.

Follow these instructions to download and install the Jet Database engine:

  1. Click this link to download You can download this file to any folder you like.
  2. You need to unzip the file you downloaded. When you unzip it will create three folders named "Disk1", "Disk2", "Disk3". 
  3. Go to the folder named "Disk1" and run the "setup.exe" program. Accept the default settings.
  4. After you have run the setup.exe program, you may delete the file and the folders that were extracted from it named "Disk1", "Disk2", and "Disk3". They are only required during installation.


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