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EquiSim's professional looking Race Forms are one of the true advantages of the tool.  The Form is chocked full of the information you need to handicap a race, while also being readable. Adjustable text size, text color, and background color guarantee  that you view the Form the way you want to.  The EquiSim form has all of the information you could want, from Speed and Pace ratings to BRIS Prime Power and Trainer Stats (and it alerts you to exceptional trainer angles!).  But, perhaps the single most powerful feature of the EquiSim Racing Form is its ability to extrapolate individual Horse fractions from race fractions, show split times instead of running time, display the number of days between each race in a set of past performances, and put horse workouts in chronological order with past performances... all at the click of a button!

The power of EquiSim's Race Form view goes even further by allowing you to enter comments for the race and for each horse right on the Form itself. Simply click and type to enter a comment.  Also, since the Form is the number one place you look for race information, this is also where EquiSim lets you setup your Race Simulations and adjust the Summary Report -- all by using your mouse to click on familiar aspects of the Form.

EquiSim can print out your race forms exactly the way they appear on your monitor giving you professional quality Forms that you can bring to the track.

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