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EquiSim is a full featured, professional grade handicapping program. Its capabilities include true 3D race simulations, high quality Forms, extensive database capabilities that are integrated into the software, and easy to use, a full featured Wager and Selection record keeping module, a completely customizeable "Formula View" for developing custom systems and data layouts, an additional tool called "DB Direct" that allows for the easy creation of custom databases, and much more.

EquiSim still uses the most affordable data files available - the BRIS and TSN data cards cost between 50 cents and 1 dollar each.  Additionally, the TSN Advantage Plan allows you to get all Data Cards and Results files for all tracks for only $60/month (the Advantage plan offers ProCaps data files, which are compatible with EquiSim). 

The User's Guide that is installed with the program describes how to use each one.  You can click on the links to the left to get an overview of them here.

The best way to see how EquiSim can help your game is to download the Demo version of EquiSim and give it a try. The Demo Download is available here.