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Installation Instructions

  1. Download the setup program ESROI_6_DEMO.exe by clicking on the download link.
  2. Run the program ESROI_6_DEMO.exe. This will launch the setup program that will guide you through the installation.
  3. READ THIS! EquiSim ROI, REQUIRES the FREE Microsoft Jet Database engine. If you do NOT have this component installed on your computer EquiSim will report an error when you run it. You can DOWNLOAD the installation for the Jet Database engine here.
  4. And this! In order to use EquiSim's Formula View you must have the free  Microsoft VBScript engine installed on your computer. If the Formula View does not work on your computer, you can download the installer for the VB Script engine here
  5. The DEMO version of EquiSim limits the size of the Profiler Database you can create with the software as an anti-piracy device. You can obtain a SAMPLE Profiler Database to use with the demo using the download link below.
  6. If you are using Windows VISTA your account must have ADMINISTRATIVE privileges and/or you must run EquiSim "as administrator" for it to work.

Primary Download Link

(about 3 megabytes)

Version 6.0.* (see forum announcements for latest version news)
Sample Profiler Database Sample Database Page


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