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Database Analysis Tool
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EquiSim now includes a horse race Database Analysis tool that will let you track the performance of EquiSim's race simulations against actual race results.  You can fine tune your analysis by looking at only certain race distances, surface types, post time odds, and a number of other factors.  

But the tool's usefulness doesn't stop there. With this information in hand, you can tweak the EquiSim's simulation engine for better predictive power and, most important of all, you can take advantage of EquiSim's hot angles and avoid areas where it may be slumping!  This feature is sure to broaden the scope of your game.  Check out this interesting real world example.  Perhaps you're not a Turf Sprint expert --  after all, there aren't a lot of Sprint races held on the Turf anyway.  But, if you were using the EquiSim Database Analysis tool you wouldn't need to be and you could still make a killing... during the last meet at the Fairgrounds, at least.  The screen shot of the Database Analysis tool above says it all -- EquiSim predicted 14 winners out of 43 Turf Sprint winners during the Winter meet, producing a 90.25% ROI!!!  The Maximum payoff was only 31 dollars. What's this tell you? That while picking 32.5% winners (a decent percentage, but not amazing), the type of horse that was winning the EquiSim simulations of Turf Sprints was consistently being overlooked by the betting public.   

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