DB Direct


DB Direct is an add-on feature (sold separately) that allows you to export data directly from your Formula View templates to a database. Currently supported databases are MS Access (Jet) and MS SQL Server.  Note that you can get both the Jet Database engine and the MS SQL Server database engine from Microsoft for free if you do not already have them.

DB Direct is the perfect solution for those seeking to create custom databases without the hassle of finding a way to get the data from the Form into the database -- the Formula View takes care of that for you.  Additionally, you can use the Formula View to create custom "systems" and then export the data from the Formula View to database to do quick and on-going analysis of the system's performance. Since the Formula View has access to all of the information in the Race Cards as well as all the information that EquiSim provides such as its Profiler value numbers, simulation finish orders, etc., this is the ideal tool to do data export with.  And, because DB Direct allows you to do "bulk storage" where you simply tell it the tracks and the date ranges you want data stored for, its quick and easy to use.

For more information see the User's Guide.


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